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Success story

Фомина Алина
Социолог, но по специальности так и не работала.
Статусом старшого директора обязана сильному наставнику. Параллельно работаю мамой уникального ребенка. Умею мотивировать и находить самое ценное в человеке. Могу дать знания по продукту, научить грамотно им пользоваться. Взаимна к талантливым, тактичным, трудолюбивым людям. В деятельности люблю ясность и скорость. Девиз по жизни не сформулирован,в поиске высшего смысла.
Income: 96 000 руб/мес
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About Faberlic Faberlic - new fashion for you!

The company faberlik every day presents many universal products for beauty care and health more than five million consumers. The entire historical path of the company based on continuous development and improvement, innovative discoveries and record the results. The secret of successful prosperity of the company - patented technology of production of oxygen cosmetic products, which were first applied in cosmetics it is our company. All this enhances the reputation not only the Russian market but also the world.

The last time the Manager is actively engaged in expanding its range with the release of his own line of clothes, production of household goods and food products. The company is not afraid of change, but one thing it does always - affordable rates!

Multilateral activities of the company are directed also to the charity. Often the Manager helps in holding shares, pursuing a very important problem – the preservation of the purity and health of the planet.

The company gives the opportunity to prove himself to everyone. Allows people to achieve professional success with its products, cooperating with other companies and take care of the health of their customers. After registering on the website You will be able to ensure that the high quality is affordable for everyone.

ISO 22716
Assessment of safety is determined by the methods IN VITRO and test samotnych are not
Faberlic является членом ассоциации прямых продаж
Стандарт ИСО 9001
Стандарт ИСМ